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  • Cargo Packaging’s automated on demand Inflatable Blanket Systems are the ideal solution when looking to economically void fill, wrap items or line your shipper cartons with a strong and extremely environmentally friendly product. Our systems are designed to be user friendly and extremely reliable, by producing blanket film on demand you are saving valuable warehouse space, reducing labour time, and saving on transport costs.

    This product is an ideal eco-friendly alternative if you are using bubble wrap or a similar product to protect your goods.

    Our unique product is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable - this is the ideal solution for e-tailers or fulfillment centers that really want to drive home the sustainability message to their customer base.

    By void filling the empty space inside your shipper, lining your carton or wrapping your product you are greatly minimising the risk of damage, if this product is used correctly then this will eliminate any possibility of your valuable items floating around the carton. 

    Using on demand Inflatable Blanket Film is the most economical, light weight, cleanest, and aesthetically pleasing way of void filling or securing your products inside the shipping box. Market feedback from this product has been fantastic, the idea of being able to dispose of this product in either the green compost bin is ideal in today’s world is ideal for the busy family. 

    The individual size of each perforated inflatable blanket film is 400mm x 200mm, rolls are 300m in length - this product is available to purchase in boxes of 4 rolls per box.

    Please contact our friendly sales staff for more information.

  • Product Name:  Inflatable Blanket film – Compostable and Recyclable

    Dimension: 400mm x 200mm x 300m rolls

    Bundle Size: 4 rolls per box

  • What is the size of Inflatable Blanket film?

    Inflatable Blanket film comes with dimensions of 400mm x 200mm x 300mm rolls

    Do you have any other colour options available for this Inflatable Blanket film?

    Yes, Cargo Packaging offers a custom design and manufacture service - plain, printed with your logo, big, small, strong, anything you need we can make it happen!

    Is Void Fill Air Pillow Film an environmentally friendly product?

    Yes, our unique film is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, it can be disposed of in either your green compost bin. 

    Is this Inflatable Blanket film ready for shipping?

    Yes, our Inflatable Blanket film is ready for shipping. Once we receive your order and finalise payment, your consignment will leave our warehouse instantly.

    Can I order custom print on Inflatable Blanket film with my company logo and description?

    Yes, Cargo Packaging offers a custom design and manufacture service - plain, printed with your logo, big, small, strong, anything you need we can make it happen!

    Is Inflatable Blanket film good for shipping?

    Yes, it’s the perfect product if you are after a safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective way to void fill your shipping boxes.

  • You will be asked to make your shipping selection option at the checkout, alternatively you can pick up your goods from our Blacktown warehouse in Western Sydney. If you have any questions or need further information regarding shipping please contact our customer service team -