Kraft Honeycomb Paper Machine

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  • Cargo Packaging’s Kraft Honeycomb Paper Machines are the ideal solution when looking to economically and environmentally pack items for shipping with automatic paper output, multi mode operation and be outfitted with a easy to use cutter attachment(sold seperately)

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  • Product Name:  Kraft Honeycomb Paper Machine

    Dimension: 750mm x 450mm x 350mm Machine size

  • Do you have any other colour options available for this Kraft Honeycomb Paper Machine?

    Yes, Cargo Packaging offers a custom design and manufacture service for the paper packaging used in this machine - plain, printed with your logo, big, small, strong, anything you need we can make it happen!

    Is the paper used in Kraft Honeycomb Paper Machine an environmentally friendly product?

    Yes, our Kraft Honeycomb Paper Machine uses kraft paper components which are 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable, it can be disposed of in either your green compost bin or the red recycle bin.

    Is this Kraft Honeycomb Paper Machine ready for shipping?

    Yes, our Kraft Honeycomb Paper Machines are ready for shipping. Once we receive your order and finalise payment, your consignment will leave our warehouse instantly.

  • You will be asked to make your shipping selection option at the checkout, alternatively you can pick up your goods from our Blacktown warehouse in Western Sydney. If you have any questions or need further information regarding shipping please contact our customer service team -