Dunnage Bag Inflator

  • Dunnage bag inflator is standard inflator for dunnage woven bags. To inflate dunnage bags faster. This inflator helps save time to inflate woven bags to use as braces to hold products & packages in containers, trucks, or other common transport modes. This inflator is safe and easy to use. It runs on 120V electric power.
  • Product Name: Dunnage Bag Inflator
    Dimension: 20cmX18cmX6cm
    Weight: 0.27kg
    Package size: 1pc per box
  • What is the use of Dunnage Bag inflator?
    This produces compressed air to inflate the dunnage bags which are used to lock the loads in container or delivery van to keep products inside safe.
    Which dunnage bag I can use this for?
    This can be used to inflate the Dunnage woven bags supplied by us or any compatible.
    How can I inflate Dunnage bags?
    You just need to plug the inflator into power source and turned it on. Its very easy to operate.
    Are these Dunnage bags inflator ready for shipping?
    Yes, we have stock in our warehouse. We dispatch same day.
    Can I pick up this from your warehouse?
    Yes, you can pick up these bags from our Sydney warehouse at 11-22 Forge Street, Blacktown NSW 2148.
  • You will be asked to make your shipping selection option at the checkout, alternatively you can pick up your goods from our Blacktown warehouse in Western Sydney. If you have any questions or need further information regarding shipping please contact our customer service team - sales@cargopackaging.com.au