DUNNAGE BAG - 900mm x 1800mm

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  • Dunnage woven bags are braces to keep products safe and stable while shipping. This is for trucks, containers, even delivery vans and ships to manage product movements both vertical and horizontal to keep them safe. Once inflated dunnage woven bags lock the loads, filling voids, absorbs vibrations during shipment. This stops packages shifting, slipping, or even dropping inside the container, truck, or delivery vans. This kind of air cushioning protection is more exceptional than timber, paper mould or foam based void filling. Dunnage polywoven bags have proven greater capacity of puncture and moisture resistance. Our bags are reusable and easy to install, that keeps cost down by reducing labour, transportation as well as reduced product damage/return. It is light weight and flexible, saves space for the storage and easy and faster inflate saves your loading time. Our polywoven bag has three layers, the outer layer is made of Polypropylene woven fabric which has UV Protection capability. The inner layer has co-extruded PE & Nylon which boosts high puncture resistance. The valve fitted on the bag has good air impermeability, easy and quick, whether to inflate or deflate. To assure quality our Dunnage polywoven bags has come through rigorous testing. One out of 10 of Dunnage Air Bags from every batch tested for quality and leakage.

  • Key features:
    Moisture resistant

  • Product Name: Dunnage Woven Bags
    Dimension: 90cmX180cm
    Load Capacity: Less than 20411 kg (45000 lbs)
    Working Pressure: 2.90 PSI / 0.207
    Bar Brust Pressure: 8.7 PSI / 0.6 Bar

  • What is the use of Dunnage Woven Bags?
    These Bags are to keep packages safe during transfer. Once inflated these bags lock the loads in the container or delivery van so products inside do not move and break.

    What transportation mode I can use this?
    Dunnage woven can be used for all transportation modes that includes trucks, delivery vans, intermodal as well as shipping containers.

    How can I inflate Dunnage bags to fill voids?
    These bags can be inflated with its standard inflator. If you do not have this, any air compressor with 8mm connection pipe would inflate it.

    Are these Dunnage woven bags ready for shipping?
    Yes, we have stock in our warehouse. We dispatch same day.

    Can I pick up these bags from your warehouse?
    Yes, you can pick up these bags from our Sydney warehouse at 11-22 Forge Street, Blacktown NSW 2148.

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