5 Panel Folding Carton

  • If you currently use mailing tubes to ship your goods this is a fantastic opportunity for you to save time, money, and storage space, make the switch to a 5 panel folding carton - there are many benefits to be achieved.
    Don't pay a manual handling fee from your freight carrier - Many Australian freight companies charge a manual handling fee for shipping mailing tubes, this can be up to $10 per item. Eliminate this charge by switching to a product like this, our 5 panel folding cartons are treated as a box or package by the freight company.
    Save on valuable warehouse space - One of the huge advantage of using a product like this is that they come flat packed, 1 pallet of 5 panel folding cartons can equate to as many as 8 or 10 pallets of mailing tubes. Imagine having all of that extra space in your warehouse.
    The 5 panel folding carton is the perfect solution when needing to box and package something that is slimline, long, and flat. This unique design allows for ease of packing as you simply place the product on the base of the carton then build and seal the box around your product.
    These boxes come flat packed on pallets so storage will not be an issue, we will design and fully customise the size of this box to suit your exact needs, there are many board grades available dependent on your requirements. 
    We can produce these boxes in a plain brown or white kraft and can also custom print/brand with your company logo or internal contents.
    Please contact one of the friendly packaging consultants for more information. 
  • Product Name: 5 PANEL FOLDING CARTON 
    Box Dimension: This is a custom item, please contact Cargo Packaging 
    Bundle Size: Contact Cargo Packaging 
  • What is the size of 5 PANEL FOLDING CARTON?
    Our 5-Panel Folding Carton's are a customised product, we design and manufacture this product to meet you exact needs.
    Do you have any other board grades or customised colour options available for this Five PANEL FOLDING CARTON?
    Yes, Cargo Packaging offers a custom design and manufacturing service - plain, printed with your logo, big, small, strong, anything you need we can make it happen!
    Is this Five PANEL FOLDING CARTON ready for shipping?
    Unfortunately not, as this is a custom product we first need to asses your needs, then produce your carton.
    Can I order a custom print on Five PANEL FOLDING CARTON with my company logo and description?
    Yes, Cargo Packaging offers a custom design and manufacturing service - plain, printed with your logo, big, small, strong, anything you need we can make it happen.
    Is 5-PANEL FOLDING CARTON box good for shipping?
    Yes, it’s a perfect product if you are after shipper and mailing box that is designed for shipping long flat items that will not fit in a regular RSC or die cut carton.
  • You will be asked to make your shipping selection option at the checkout, alternatively you can pick up your goods from our Blacktown warehouse in Western Sydney. If you have any questions or need further information regarding shipping please contact our customer service team - sales@cargopackaging.com.au